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Questions on life we don't engage in!

Let’s look at some questions to get you enquiring about your life and what you believe. I suggest you get some paper and a scribe to write down the questions and the answers or use a recording device which can be quicker and easier for some. There are no right or wrong answers, just answers, your answers! Be honest and play with it, if you get serious then you will not be open to the possibilities.

Okay, let’s explore - What do you think/feel is not right in your life and what could to change? What difference would this change make and how would you feel having made it?

Note: These are good questions to ask ourselves, particularly if we don’t feel fulfilled in life. Generally, many feel stuck, they are bored and not doing the things that bring them alive, something is missing or lacking in their life. Their feeling unfulfilled can be with anything, relationships, money, work, skills, success, education, adventure, spirituality, love, health and more.

Our brain is wired to ‘fight and flight’ and has evolved into a mind that now errs to negative thought processes, which is fundamentally, fear stimulus thinking. So, most develop strong habits on what they believe is not right and will only see and portray the negative side of things. The mind constantly seeks out and reinforces the negative thoughts and beliefs.

This focus process is constantly reinforcing the belief neuron pathways in our brain, making them stronger every time we engage in them. The thoughts become habitual and ingrained in our belief system as ‘right’ and ‘this is the way it is’. From this we will engage in behaviours to oppose and reject the opposite view. We have created a positionality and will defend it in many ways both consciously and unconsciously. Interestingly, studies have shown that those who are negatively focused switch on genes that trigger the ageing process.

These thoughts are also energies that radiate into the physical world and the meta-physical universal field of energy (It has many names). We are like a wifi router in our home, radiating our mind data that can picked up. A natural law of energy states that, “like vibration attracts like vibration”. Therefore, our thought energy creates the propensity for similar energies to interact with us. So, if we speak or think negative thoughts (low vibrations) we will be open to others who do the same into our world, and not all will be nice interactions.

Constantly focusing on what we don’t have is an energy of lack and that energy is played back to us and so we are constantly creating a situation or circumstance we don’t want.

"The key then is to focus on the things we want to have, be or do in life. Create the energy and mindset through constant focus on it".

If we keep doing the same things, we will get the same outcomes. To change we must think and do something differently. And therein belays the personal challenge that few are willing to take – action!